I’m The Computer Guy



Hello and Welcome!

My name is Michael.

I am offering a Cyber Security course.

About Me:

I am a cyber security practitioner. A cyber security practitioner is someone who examines software, PC’s, and networks hunting for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. I love it. In my IT world, I live solely on the Kali Linux distrubution.

I’m a member of Hack The Box . Hack the box is a capture the flag environment that poses real life issues with software in an exploitable environment so that security professionals and university students studying cyber security related topics can enhance their skills. I play daily boxes related to the OSCP examination I will undertake at the end of this year.

I am pursuing the OSCP, AWAE, and the OSCE qualifications to demonstrate IT security superiority. The courses are excellent to undertake to both learn and test your ability at discovering vulnerabilities in anything from a home system to a hospital.

I’m offering a course in Term 2 at the North Ringwood Community House on how to not get hacked.

The Course I Offer:

The course will cover some basic things, modems, computer security, wifi protection. I want to introduce to you how to protect those services. I will introduce other concepts relating to the security of mobile devices and other items we use daily. It is not too information heavy, runs for an hour, but is direct and to the point relating to the prevention of common and subtle hacks of your daily IT systems.